Injection Molded Clear Case for Apple Macintosh Mac SE/30

Created by MacEffects

Custom designed transparent rear case for the Apple Macintosh SE and SE/30

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Making Progress!
9 months ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 03:34:21 AM

Mouse & Programmers Switch Status

The samples of the mice and programmers switches have been delivered for fitment testing and inspection.  Both parts pasted the fitment check and the mouse mold will have more polishing done to enhance clarity.  Meanwhile, some creation of samples of various color options are being tested, as shown below.  

Case Molds - Progress So Far

The main two case molds are taking a bit longer than expected, but we are still on target for the same delivery date or earlier.  To demonstrate the nature of the mold creation below is a photo of 1/3rd of the mold for just the rear case.  Notice that just this part of the mold is so large it must be moved by crane and it does not even contain the mold cavities.  

Molds 3 of 5 Complete!
10 months ago – Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 09:07:06 AM

Mold for ADB Mouse Complete 

The third of five molds is complete.  The SE/30 case molds (both front and rear) are in the final step of polishing.  The next molds expected to be complete within a week.  Please check out the photos below illustrating the mouse molds.  All photos are directly from the manufacturer. 

Inner Mold Cavity 

Second Side of the Mold Plate

Assembled Mold

Please stay tuned for updates!

Mold 1 of 5 Complete!
11 months ago – Sat, Jul 06, 2019 at 12:15:21 AM

Macintosh SE & SE/30 Programmers Switch Mold Complete

The first of five molds is complete.  This mold, being the smallest and simplest, was completed first.  The other molds are still in progress. We will update when the next mold is complete.  Please check out the photos below illustrating the mold and finished product.

Inner Mold Cavity 

The photo below shows the inside mold cavity.  Notice the highly polished mirror finish.  This was achieved by a ten stage polishing process.  This is required to achieve the high level of transparency desired.  

Second Side of the Mold Plate

The photo below shows the opposite side of the mold where the polycarbonate plastic is injected.  Additionally, holes for the ejector pins are visible which are required to remove the button assemblies from the mold. 

Finished Product

The photo below shows the output of the mold above.  The photos were taken on the factory floor and do not do the buttons justice.  They have a nice level of clarity and are quite durable.   

Please stay tuned for updates!

Mold Design Complete!
about 1 year ago – Tue, May 21, 2019 at 10:17:11 PM

Mold Design Complete

Pending final engineering approval the molds for the front and rear cases are both complete.  Production on the molds are expected to start within a week.  Below are some sample drawings of the molds.  

Also, starting tomorrow May 22nd we will be sending a survey to a random sample to 5% of the Backers which will include: a survey regarding potential future cases, the option to get add on accessories, and a spot to add shipping information required to send pledged rewards.  By the May 25th, everyone should receive a survey e-mail. Please make sure to complete the survey even if you do not wish to have any add on accessories as the survey regarding future products is important.

Mold Design View 1

Mold Design View 2

We Did It! All Goals Are Fully Funded!
about 1 year ago – Sun, May 12, 2019 at 04:04:24 PM

Success - We Reached All the Goals!

We have reached the goals required to produce all of the add-on items.  We wish to give a special thanks to everyone who has been involved in the project, especially all of the backers.  

We have already completed the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) process for the front and rear case.  Work has already began on engineering the molds. 

Below is a detail of what will be happening next:

  • Within 7-14 days a survey will be sent requesting address information.  It will also contain the option to add on the front case, mouse case, or programmers switch.  Some of the payment processing methods are expected to fail for various reasons including expired or incorrect information, but random checks by the payment processor will happen.  There is a 7 day limit on payment corrections, so please make sure to follow Kickstarter's instructions on correcting payments to remain eligible for this project. 
  • Within 12-20 days engineering the main molds will be complete and move to mold production.  
  • When complete with mold engineering will be an additional 30-45 days of mold manufacturing.
  • The next step is final production prototypes (using the final method) it will also include one of each of the various colors.
  • Upon approval production of the cases will begin (projected for July)
  • Backers are expected to receive their rewards by no later than October or November (depending on reward)

When the surveys arrive please understand that the photos are just for demonstrative purposes.  The color and tint of the cases will vary.  The mouse is waiting for its final approval and no picture is available for the mouse case.  

We will continue to post updates of important phases at least once a month, so please keep checking back.